Step by Step Tips to Sanitize a Reverse Osmosis (RO) System

A reverse osmosis system ought to be sterilized once every year. It's a smart thought to do finish the purification procedure amid filter changes since most filters are supplanted at regular intervals.


As you change out the filters and disinfect your water filter system, proper sanitation methodology ought to be utilized. Take after these rules to shield your unit from defilement.


Your system can be disinfected with a few tablespoons of unscented family blanch or EPA and NSF affirmed non-dye Sani-System sanitizer demonstrated to murder 99.99% of destructive microscopic organisms. 

Tips Before You Start

In the event that cleaning system when new filters will be introduced, every single new filter ought to stay in the first bundling until it is the ideal opportunity for substitution.


Guarantee the administration range ought to be free of any abundance earth or tidy.

Wash hands with cleanser and water, and/or wear sterile gloves

Purification Steps

Tum off the icy water supply line to the RO system.


On the off chance that your system is associated with your fridge or icemaker, turn off the line heading off to the icemaker.


Open the RO water system fixture and empty all water out of the system and capacity tank. Please do not forget to click to read more about it.


Once the system is unfilled make sure to place RO fixture handle in the shut position.


Open the pre-filter lodging, which is regularly the filter nearest to the food water line. Evacuate the pre-filter and dispose of if supplanting with another filter after cleansing procedure. Leave the filter lodging off.


Reconnect every single unfilled lodging to the system, aside from the pre-filter lodging. There ought to be no filters in any lodgings now.


Pour whole bundle of Sani System Sanitizer specifically into the principal principle lodging unit and re-introduce the cartridge. On the other hand, on the other hand include a few tablespoons of blanch to the pre-filter lodging (5.5% unscented dye).


Re-interface the pre-filter lodging back onto the system.


Tum on the cool water supply line for the system to load with the disinfecting arrangement. 

Check for any holes

Permit system to load with water. Time will change contingent upon water weight. Be that as it may, system ought to be full inside 5-10 minutes without the filters or film introduced.


Turn on the RO fixture until water starts to stream out, then kill the spigot.


In the event that utilizing Sani system Sanitizer, let system set for no less than 60 seconds. In the case of utilizing dye, let the system set for no less than 30 minutes.


After set time, flush system by turning on the RO spigot and giving water a chance to gone through the system for 5 minutes,or until fade smell is no more.


Turn off the chilly water supply line. Turn on the RO spigot. Channel the system totally. Rehash this progression twice.


In the wake of depleting the system totally the second time, supplant or re-introduce all filters and layer.


·         Turn on the icy water supply line and check for breaks.



·         Permit the system a few hours for the RO film to refill the capacity tank.