4 Longboarding Tips You Should Know

Becoming an advanced or professional rider is not an easy task. Many people started leaning and stopped after a couple of attempts because, as with other aspects of life, they lack the needed patience and perseverance.


So here and now, I'm going to list out 4 fantastic longboarding tips that will really help you become a successful rider.

So let get to it.

1) Practice, Practice, Practice


You've probably heard of the popular adage that says; Practice makes perfect. Yes that's right. That is what it actually is. If you persistently keep practicing and learning from your mistakes, you'll definitely get better at riding longboards.


You will get bored or tired some day or may be very reluctant to practice at a particular day. But if you muster up the courage to go out and practice, you'll fing yourself becoming good at riding.

So make sure you practice always.


2) Start Slowly


It takes time to become perfect in a particular skill or craft. You might have been watching riders doing some pretty moves, carves and tricks on the television or YouTube or anywhere else and you think you can do that when you've actually done it before.


It is simply not possible, you can't. Period.


They say slow and steady, wins the race. You cannot start riding downhill at 40 or 45 MPH when starting out. You will definitely get yourself injured.


But what you can do start from a little MPH; say 10 then to 20 then to 30 and so on.


In time, you'll find yourself cruising at that 45 or even 50 MPH you so desire. So, learn to start slow and gradually build from there.


3) Falling is Allowed


If you want to excel in riding, you must accept that a fall is required especially when starting out.

A bad fall can really, really hurt and may keep you out for a day or 2. But if you are afraid of falling, you really can't succeed in this game.


You can't let a fall or a series of it hold you back. I know it is very painful but guess what; that's how life is.


Sometimes you'll take a serious fall that will get you injured for close to a month or two. It has happened to every rider especially when starting from the bottom.


The best riders you see today, fell too. That's how it is. So don't be afraid to fall. Welcome it, cherish it, because it helps you become a better rider.


4) Get The Right Board


Penny wise, Pound foolish is what this tip is all about. You can do everything on one single longboard. It is definitely not possible. Just a change of design or style on a board can make good for tricks and carves and renders it useless for cruising.


So get the right longboard for yourself. If you want to everything a longboard can offer, then get yourself multiple longboard because you can't accomplish them with one board.




Becoming an expert in a craft requires dedication, patience and perseverance. The longboarding tips I outlined above can really help you get the best out of your riding experience.


So apply them today!

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