How to Look For the Right 22-inch Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers are capable of cleaning up the lawn that has overgrown grass or ones that has been left for too long that the house is about to be covered with tall grass. In order to make sure that you have the right lawn mower, you need to have a guide with you. Don’t just buy what was recommended by your neighbor. You don’t know that your neighbor’s needs are actually different from yours.


The Right Place to Start          

 The 22-inch Self-propelled lawn mower is actually either a push type or self-propelled type. In this case, you are looking specifically for the self-propelled type. The only difference it makes is that the rear wheels are bigger than the standard. The standard wheels come at 8” in diameter, while this one here in particular is 22”. The benefit of having larger wheels is that it is able to pave through uneven terrain, even through rocks and other debris on the ground. However, it is best not to leave the debris on the ground behind. This is to prevent damage to the blades, especially the ones that come with override features.


Three Main Features to Choosing 22-inch Lawn Mower


Do you wish to have a rear wheel drive or front wheel drive? Flexible speed settings? Electric or recoil? These are features that you are going to consider when looking for a 22” self-propelled lawn mower. The most common choice today is the rear wheel drive, variable setting and electric start features - which are all that describes perfect convenience. Rear wheel drive gives you more mobility, variable setting lets you control the speed of the blades whether you want it faster or slower and electric start lets you start the engine with just the turn of a switch.


As with front wheel drive, the main disadvantage here is that you can’t move forward if you raise the front wheels to make a roundabout turn. This makes it inconvenient and a reason why rear wheels are much more expensive. Set speed is already fixed speed - meaning you can’t change anything with it. Recoil start is not much of a disadvantage, since there are customers who find it more fun to use the recoil method in starting up an engine. This feature is more like personal preference.


Other Features You Should Look For


Do you want to override the blade settings? This is where you get to change the settings to keep running even if it meets certain obstacles along the way. This will make the blade cut the grass faster, though. It is a good thing to have the override feature since it will extend the engine’s life, without the need of stopping and starting the engine in every 3 minutes.




The best guide to carry along with you when you choose the best self-propelled lawn mowers is something that you are comfortable using with. While brands do matter, you should not forget the quality of its performance and durability.


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