In terms of inspecting, using a reliable security camera is very important. It allows us to follow every action or event as a file to compare and contrast in the case of intrusion or causing damages. These days, banks, retailers, schools, universities, hotels and a lot of companies install a system of observing camera as a high – level secure method. To avoid who has the intention to destroy or steal the camera, we have several types. Today, we will give you wireless security cameras reviews and introduce to you some most popular outdoor cameras.


Type of security cameras in general


Infrared security camera


An infrared security camera is also called a night – observing camera which means that it can observe in an effective way in both dark and bright condition. The infrared camera generates color light in all condition. However, in dark condition, the device can produce color or black & white light, depending on the brightness and the darkness of the environment. 


When it comes to utilizing an infrared security camera, the LED light is mounted outside the lens of the camera. This allows the camera to capture and take photos when the area is in the lack of normal light. 


security camera wireless


The best feature of this camera is its capability of detecting infrared radiation, including the temperature of bodies. That is why we can see everything through the camera at night.


Dome security camera


The design of this camera is of dome shape. It is often mounted in the ceiling with the base upside down. A major of dome camera is black. We can encounter such a security camera in the bank, casino, airport an office. 

The strong point of a dome camera is that the dome shell will cover the lens, which causes difficulties for decoding.


Network camera


A network camera is known an internet camera. It works on the basis of a web. The camera can connect the web and have its own IP address. We can use the camera only when we have the IP address.


Wireless security camera


A wireless security camera is very good at disguising. If you want your cameras to be flexible and able to disguise, this seems to be the most suitable one. We can use the camera as a spy on the grounds that we can make the device turn into anything we want to trick others, especially those who have suspicious actions.

There are also some tiny types that are used when we want to record voices and videos in secret for the purpose of accumulating evidence to arrest crimes.


Some types of outdoor security cameras 


The demand for using an outdoor security camera is increasing and people are considering some famous manufacturers. In selecting an outdoor camera, we have to consider factors like resolution, energy supplier, focal point, measurement of the lens and so on. When we understand all these factors and know how to choose them, we will pick out the best one. In this part, we will introduce some types that can provide you with good features.


Add – on camera


The Add – on camera for security can give you emails or phone calls when it detects the motion. It is mounted on the wall or the ceiling. We need to connect the device with the electric source of 110/120 Voltage. The period of warranty is about 1 year is suitable.


CCD security camera


This security camera has a lens of 3.6 mm with about 11 little LED lamps to provide infrared lights at night. In addition to this, a set of CCD outdoor camera can be expanded when you prepare all essential accessories. This type is good at resisting harsh condition of the weather.


Outdoor bullet security camera


An outdoor bullet camera provides lively sounds and night vision up to 80’.  We need the electric power of 12 Voltage DC to connect with the camera. The resolution of this camera is about 526 x 580 pixels. 

With such outdoor cameras, we will be confident to observe everywhere around the house if we want. Especially, it is really effective to inspect the stair areas and the gate area to keep your house secure.

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