Tips to Start Up a Weed Eater with a Thimble and Gas!

Weed eaters can really be a pain in the rear when they grow old.  Sometimes they need some extra help in the form of some gas into the head of the cylinder, to make them function. In this article we are going to discuss some of the important weed eater guides or tips to start a weed eater with some gas and a thimble.


Weed Eater Guides


The Important Tips

  • The first thing to do is be certain that the trimmer is completely full before actually thinking that it is not functioning. One can also take the spark plug off using spark plug wrench.
  • Then one should examine the rim below the spark plug for the building up of carbon deposits. The rim should be silver rather than black. Also its point should not comprise of any built up on it. If found that the rim needs to be leaned effectively, properly scrap off the accumulated deposits using a steel wool or with a flat headed screwdriver. But make sure that the white ceramic insulator is affected.
  • Be well clear of any gas and then try and heat the spark plug using a butane ignitor. Properly fill the thimble with gas and store it within the chamber. On doing so, fit the spark plugs and tighten it properly. Apply the choke about prime three times, each prime of about 4 seconds.
  • Pull on the starting rope about two times till one hears the sound of the engine starting. If not successful, do it again and that would make the engine start. However if it doesn’t, simply replace the spark plug with a brand new! If it still doesn’t start, then it could be that the carb is filled with junk deposit for which one would have to clean it up with a carb cleaner.
  • Check the spark arrestor screen as it can also be congested. However if the trimmer still shows no response then it could mean that a new carb is needed. Also notice that after putting a few drops whether the spark plug is showing off some sparks of fire or not! If so then this is a clean indication that the carb is congested. If say it still doesn’t respond then it could be that the spark is filled with dirt or is completely spent.
  • Make it a point to empty all the gas and also the gas powered parts at the end of the season. Press the primer bulb few times with excess force in order to run the carb and the pull the start-up. In winter times, the tools as well as the machine can get blocked so make it a point to empty and clean the tool when it is not put through its paces.

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