Dressing Up for Your First Date

For all of us the first date is a big deal. You need to step up your game and show your dressing style to her in the best way possible. People say the first impression is the last impression. If you fail to impress her on the first day you may lose out on the chance to make her yours.


If you are going for a casual date like a movie or a coffee you can simply wear a clean pair of jeans along with a nice white shirt with your buttons up. In colder weather you can opt for a hoodie which never goes out of style. Holey jeans or torn shirts are a strict no-no if you going to make a first impression. Do not wear drab colors or clothes and do not go for colors that are too flamboyant either.


Dressing Up for Your First Date


If you are going for dinner you should suit up and wear something that is dressy. A nice charcoal colored suit never fails to impress. If the weather permits you can add a vest to your suit. You can leave the tie at home unless you are going to a very formal restaurant. Shoes are extremely important as well and if you wear mismatched shoes that don’t go well with you suit you can literally kiss your date goodbye forever.


Being smartly dressed is one of the perquisites of making a good impression. If you are scared you can go for semi casuals. Many people are not comfortable with formals and this is a good way to escape without going completely casual. Sometimes a blazer looks good with casuals. No matter what you have to stay classy.


Some other requirements involve using good cologne before going to the date. You want to smell fresh and clean when you meet your date. Try to keep you face as clean as possible when you reach your destination. If possible, avoid taking public transport to keep your clothes wrinkle and sweat free. If you want more dating tips and relationship advice you should check this out for more detailed information and fun tips.

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